Leo the Kiddy talks about first meeting Ronald Gudemondt: “I just jumped in the canal naked” | Watch

Leo the Kiddy talks about first meeting Ronald Gudemondt: "I just jumped in the canal naked" |  Watch

Leo’s malicious first acquaintance is now snipersColleague Ronald Gudemondt etched into his memory. Alkemade was as naked as a poodle.

Tells Alkidi (42) Veronica Superguide that he lived in a student home in Amsterdam with Henri van Loon, among others. Van Loon was already a friend of Goedemondt (47). “I was introduced to Ronald naked after I took something out of the candy jar at night and jumped into the canal.”

The tale shows the alkyd rubbing itself with a greasy cream to warm quickly. Then he put on a suede coat. , That coat was ruined, it couldn’t be cleaned any more, and it turned out to be Ronald’s… And that’s where our friendship began.

According to Alkmadi, he and Guidimondt are “very different”. “In the way we communicate, how we live our lives. But we totally understand each other on the comedic front. The biggest difference between us is that I’m pushy and he can get lost in perfection. He can totally lose himself in that. When Ronald makes a show, every move has been thought out.” He has everything under complete control: his body, the timing. I can learn a lot from that. In turn, he’s jealous of my intuition.”

Alkedi and Gudemondt and colleagues Bas Houvlak and Jochen Otten have been involved with the Bnnvara diagramming program since 2013. snipers to see. Friendly comedians are in various locations and play corresponding characters, such as a coroner, a Buddhist, or a fishmonger.

Leo Alkemade can currently be watched in the movie tatas. Goedemondt in the theater with his show with kneeling gestures.

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