Lelylaan محطة station is fixed

Lelylaan محطة station is fixed

The Lelylaan station in Nieuw-West is undergoing a comprehensive renovation. The station will be more visible and safer, and it will also be adapted to the increasing number of passengers in the coming years. Work is expected to start in 2023.

During the renovation, the station hall will be expanded and the auditorium will have a full glass facade. On the south side of the station, there will be a guarded, covered bike shed for about 2,800 bikes. On the north side there will be a bicycle parking space for about a thousand bicycles, as a result of which the bicycle racks will disappear.

“reverse loop”

Tram stops are also handled at the stations. The stations under the bridge at Cornelis Lelylaan will be expanded and made more accessible. In addition, the station will have a ‘turnover loop’, making it a stop for trams from New West and the Centre.

“There is an urgent need to renovate the Lelylaan station. It no longer meets the current requirements. In addition, the number of passengers is expected to increase significantly in the next 10 years. The renovation of the station will also significantly improve the quality of life and social safety in the area. The environment of the station ‘, says municipal councilor Egbert de Vries (Traffic and Transport).

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