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Saying LEGO is expensive is like saying playing piano is expensive, discussing new prices for a good study piano – when you can buy a good-sounding, mechanically flawless 100-year-old study piano for 10% of that price.

They are expensive if new and expensive if used and kept in collector condition instead. As you usually see with toys. I speak from experience.

A few years ago I actually got a LEGO and this was 3 boxes full, including a complete and still functional black gray train with extra rails, an antenna excavator, a large and small pirate ship, a container port, assorted (complete) with packages and a guide Coming, still assembled) Spare parts, and various kits from the Model Team, selling for less than 300 euros. The set has been on Marktplaats for weeks even though I paid for a higher view, so I wasn’t going to ask for a dump for it either. You’re talking about a fraction of the replacement cost (comparable, but not identical sets are now common) when it comes to items in pristine condition, because LEGO doesn’t really wear out under normal use.

There is a demand for specific sets with unique blocks (for example, with the huge rubber tires you had on Technics sets in the early ’80s that were used by high-profile LEGO truck makers).

Things that come complete with packaging, handmade (all in good condition), and detachment, save money. Especially if there are also, for example, sticker sheets with decals attached.

Parents (or adult children) who sell the contents of a toy barrel, even if it is complete and works like a switch and rods, get a pretty penny for it, and that doesn’t make LEGO an expensive toy, just like playing an expensive piano if you buy an old instrument.

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