League of Legends source code stolen by hackers, ‘new cheats may be on the way’

Hackers have stolen the source code for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and the “old anti-cheat platform” in an attack last week. Riot Games confirms this, warning that this could lead to new cheats for their games.

The hackers demanded a ransom from Riot Games, but the company he says on Twitter Not to go into this. Forced attack developer Game patches have been delayed by The company warns that the hack may also cause problems in the future. “To be fair, any disclosure of source code could increase the chance of new scams.” Riot says it has been investigating the impact of cheating since the attack and will issue fixes if needed.

The company says no user data was stolen in the attack. However, the source code may contain traces of upcoming or beta features. “While we hope some of these game modes and other changes will eventually reach players, the majority of this content is still in the prototype stage and there are no guarantees we will ever release it.”

The company says it is still investigating the attack, working with outside advisors and police services. Riot also wants to publish a full report on the attack in the future, detailing how hackers accessed the source code, among other things. So far, Riot has only said hackers use Social engineering entered the company’s systems.

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