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Overall, I think the game has seasonally evolved into a “balanced game” with a mature feel and community.
The community, of course, varies by region, league (bronze, silver, gold, etc.) and when you sign in.
Fortunately, ranked matches there make a good line among people who want to play LoL or competitively.

Since launch, I’ve been playing it with an on/off relationship over the years.
Recent seasons have proudly finished platinum as the main support.

Sometimes remakes of heroes are strange in taste, but that would be a conscious choice to make them attractive again. Yasuo’s face becomes boring every time.

But changing the runes and combinations of items leads to differences in how you arrange your hero according to your opponents’ choices.
This was very basic. You have chosen a default configuration and item build for each role type.

The penultimate season was a bit shocking, when all of a sudden it was possible to put every kind of hero in every lane. A Morgana as the jungle, or Shin as a support…

But to play ARAM or URF now and then I complete my evening!

So yes, a lot has changed but it is tested differently for each person.
I don’t like DOTA2, while I was tired of DOTA1 during my college years.

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