June 2, 2023

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Lawyer Jimmy Weiss after Lil Klein apology video: "We apologize for the wrong address" |  stars

Lawyer Jimmy Weiss after Lil Klein apology video: “We apologize for the wrong address” | stars

“Jaimie read his letter with some skepticism. The apology he offers for the pain and injuries he has caused is addressed to “a lot of people,” but not to those for whom such an apology would do the most justice, namely to the client and the underage son of the party,” he told her.

She continues: “So far there has been no repentance or self-reflection of the consequences of his actions towards them. In fact, the position taken by Mr. Schulten in settling the consequences of the termination of the relationship is not one in keeping with his vision which he apparently found as expressed yesterday (Thursday, editor)” .

Earlier, Jaimie Vaes reacted to Privé TV.

It is suspected that the video message had a different purpose. “Jaimie can’t help but feel that Schulten’s message is motivated solely by the importance of rehab for his career and not motivated by intrinsic self-awareness, which he regrets.”

Additionally, Jaimie’s attorney said in a statement that they hope for a “positive development that will lead to the consequences of ending their relationship, with a view to settling their son’s interests, in harmony.” Jaimie herself is getting better every day. “When Jamie’s ready, she’ll make a statement herself,” Kim Bomer said.

Certified attack

Lil Klein was arrested last month on suspicion of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Jamie. He’s been free since March 15th. The Amsterdam courtroom decided two weeks ago to suspend his pre-trial detention under conditions and that he could therefore freely await the case. And he had announced in the video, Thursday, that he is currently residing in Thailand, where he is “receiving professional assistance.”

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