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Baldur’s Gate III will eventually have cross-play between PC and consoles. Larian Studios confirmed this to Eurogamer. This will allow players to play a multiplayer game together on different platforms when this feature is released. It is not yet known when this will happen.

Larian Publishing ManagerMichael Doss, says Eurogamer This cross-play is currently in the works for Baldur’s Gate III. Douse mentions that cross-play was “always planned,” but the studio has known for some time that the feature wouldn’t appear until after launch. “It’s on the roadmap, and while we have an idea of ​​when we want to implement it, we don’t want to set a date for it until we know for sure.”

This feature will eventually allow PC and PS5 players to play Baldur’s Gate III’s multiplayer mode together. This will also be possible with Xbox; The Xbox version of the game will be released later this year. The game supports all cross-save operations, allowing users to use their PC save file on consoles and vice versa.

Baldur’s Gate III was released on August 3 for PC and was well received by reviewers and players. On Thursday, September 6, the game was also released for PlayStation 5. The Xbox version was delayed due to demands from Microsoft, which stipulated that the Xbox Series This requirement has been removed for Baldur’s Gate III: The Series S version of the game will not have screen multiplayer as that controller is not powerful enough for it. The Xbox version of the game is planned for release “later this year,” but does not have a specific release date yet.

Baldur’s Gate III

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