Large crowds of American hospitals seem to have reached the London round

Large crowds of American hospitals seem to have reached the London round

A corona patient is being treated in the ICU of a hospital in Guayaquil Falls, Ohio.Image by Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Coming to U.S. hospitals in large numbers can be linked to lower vaccine coverage

For example, the United States seems to be more affected by Omigran in hospitals than Denmark and the United Kingdom. Many U.S. states have already admitted more patients to the hospital than in previous waves. Across the United States, the number of hospitalized patients has more than doubled to 120,000 in two weeks. If the current rise continues, the number of hospitals in the United States will surpass previous highs. The fact that Omigran attacks so severely in the United States may be due to relatively low vaccine protection. In the Netherlands, 86 percent of adults are vaccinated, compared to 73 percent in the United States. There is an increase in the number of patients undergoing intensive care in the United States, which is lower than in the UK and Denmark.

The new daily record increases the growth rate of infections

With a new daily record of 34,954 infections, the number of infections continues to rise at a rapid pace due to previous day’s reports. Last week, the number of positive tests increased by 63 percent to an average of 21,487 per day. The increase is fastest in the Amsterdam-Amsterland and Brabant-North defense areas; Here the number of reports in a week has doubled. In Amsterdam-Amstelland, the highest number of infections recorded this week was: 1,464 per 100 thousand. National average 864.

Stabilization in London hospitals, but at a higher level

London hospitals seem to have peaked at Omigron patients. The number of newcomers to hospitals did not increase further last week and is slightly lower than the week between Christmas and New Year. The total number of occupants in the hospital has increased further in the last week, but in the last two days it has shown stability. Accommodation rates in the intensive care unit have rarely increased. The number of corona patients is still high compared to the Netherlands. The London area has a population of 9 million. Translated into the Dutch context, there are about 350 new additions and over 4,000 beds per day in the UK with almost 700 new additions and 8,000 beds in our country. In some parts of the UK, where Omigron has since dominated, hospital stay rates are still rising.

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