Lale Gül, Saskia Noort and Martien Meiland Compete for the NS Audience Award | to watch

Lale Gül, Saskia Noort and Martien Meiland Compete for the NS Audience Award |  to watch

Michel van Egmond, who was nominated this time with Antoinette Schuldermann for their book on Johann Derricksen, won the prestigious award in 2017 with The world according to Gijp, in 2014 with adapted And in 2013 with jibe. Hendrik Groen has already won the award twice, for As long as there is life In 2018 and before Trying to make something out of life In 2016. AD columnist Saskia Norte has been nominated no less than six times before for her titles. Stromboli (2018), skin pain (2017), he has to (2014), renewal (2009), new neighbors (2006) in eetclub (2004).

The following applies to the NS Audience Award: The reader decides. The book that readers vote for the most to win. The six books in Dutch were among the bestsellers last year (July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2021). Last year, a record 159,000 votes were cast. In addition to the honorary title Book of the Year 2021, the NS Audience Award consists of a statue of Gruen Hinman, a cash prize of €7,500 and free travel for one year using the NS Business Card first class.

You can vote via the site from the organisation. On November 17 the polls will close at 7.30 pm, after which the candidates will be present on a talk show. NS NPO 1 will announce which book will receive the title of Book of the Year 2021.

The nominees for the NS Audience Award 2021:
Bonus baby – Saskia Norte
Dirksen – Michel van Egmond and Antoinette Schuldermann
I’m going to live – tulip flower
Martin – Jan Djgraf
Excited to the finish line – Hendrik Groen
get used to it – Mike Major

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