Lake Martinez and her boyfriend got married in Spain after a relationship test: ‘Suddenly on each other’s lips 24/7’ | Dutch football

Lake Martinez and her boyfriend got married in Spain after a relationship test: 'Suddenly on each other's lips 24/7' |  Dutch football

The great soccer player Lake Martins, 29, and her boyfriend, former Sparta goalkeeper Benjamin van Leer, will marry next year in southern Spain. This is a very special feeling for Benjamin, as the time of halo turns out to be a huge test for their relationship.

“Relationships and sports don’t always go hand in hand,” he wrote on LinkedIn this week. Orange Lewin Lake and goalkeeper Benjamin met about five years ago, when I played for FC Barcelona and he with Ajax.

“We’ve been busy with our professional football careers. Both are busy and at a great distance from each other,” he describes. “I have to say it’s a plus that your partner is also in the world of football and that you understand each other very well because of this.” But there are also disadvantages. Is that you two may not log in to the same country and you can’t see each other often due to the busy training schedule.”

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For nearly 4.5 years, the couple had a long distance relationship, which worked out well for them both. Was ‘rewarded’ with a Covid lockdown. Where all of a sudden, from seeing each other once a month, we were on each other’s lips 24/7. That was a fun quiz I can tell you, haha.

But: “Fortunately, we passed the test.” She said he proposed to Lake over a year ago “yes a million times”. The couple will marry in Spain next year. Leakey no longer plays there (she plays soccer for Paris Saint-Germain in France), but Benjamin has been a mediator in the country since leaving Sparta last summer. They have set their sights on the Costa del Sol as a wedding location.

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Martens, who was elected in 2017 as the The best soccer player in the world And last year to The most beautiful athlete from the Netherlands, and previously had seven years with Kevin Koolhoff. In 2018, she revealed about their relationship have passed. Leckie quickly became world famous after the successful European Championships in 2017, but emphasized that the break had nothing to do with it. After all, you haven’t “really” changed. Later that year, they confirmed that they are together with Benjamin.

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