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If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple TV is a no-brainer in my opinion.

why? This is really out of interest. I’m not in the Apple ecosystem, I have an Android phone and an Android TV. But does this matter now? 99% of the time the TV works independently, about one percent I threw something to my phone at once, but I suppose I can also cast Netflix to my Android TV using my iPhone, for example.

In addition, I would never rely on TV manufacturers for applications. They don’t always support all services, support stops at some point, or performance is poor. In my view, TV should be dumb and leave the wits in the loose box/stick.

All of your first points are valid, but at the same time you (and a lot of others here too), forget about the other side of the story. When I look at my parents, as well as other people who can really handle technology, not to mention those who can’t, what a crap it is to use TV. Then you see the benefits again.

I have an Android TV. And coax to your linear TV (via fiber, to DVB-C with my fiber modem). This means that I have a remote control (the speakers are turned on automatically). Do I want to watch Netflix? Click on the Netflix button. Well, for example, if I want to watch Prime, I will first have to press the application button, and then select the Prime application, but this is also very easy. Have you failed everything by pressing the wrong buttons? Press the “TV” button, and it will go back to linear TV. Anyone can understand it in 3 seconds. This is unlike all the different HDMI boxes that you need for different things. One remote control, one for the other, and the last one just by your phone.

Once again, I see your point. I also wish with my TV a few years old that they had put together a slightly faster processor. But as far as I’m concerned, the benefits of just an all-in-one smart TV for the average consumer are undeniable.

I’m also curious about the cheapest Apple TV. Will we soon get one cheap (for streaming services) and a more expensive one for console-quality games? We’ll see.

And finally, why would Apple want to move to console games? And most importantly, who makes those toys?
I don’t see that happening. I expect they’ll put a processor fast enough to run all your regular iOS games (which I wouldn’t call console quality), but will they make a cheaper version that can’t? I don’t see many people buying a more expensive Apple TV just to play some iOS games on it.

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