Kuipers already warns against measures against the future variant: ‘I’m afraid of it’

Kuipers already warns against measures against the future variant: 'I'm afraid of it'

Health Minister Ernst Kuipers has warned that new measures could be taken against the spread of coronavirus if a “new outbreak” occurs later this year. “Let’s say there’s a new, more disgusting species,” Kuipers said on Op1 last night. “So you may still have to take action at a certain moment.”

Last night Health Minister Ernst Kuipers (D66) visited Op1 to talk about the current situation with regard to corona… and possible future scenarios. If viewers thought he was going to say the problem was over, that Corona was behind us, they were disappointed.

Because, Kuipers said, it is very likely that action will be taken again in the future, “in the restaurant industry or at work.” Think about it, and he continued, “For example, working from home again. Making self-exams available as an employer. Ensuring good ventilation in the school.”


Then Charles Groenehogsen, the presenter, asked if it was “reasonable that in the event of the ‘coronavirus’ outbreak the catering industry would shut down again, that schools would close again, and that we should work at home again?”

“I’m afraid,” Kuipers replied. “With the current variant in which vaccination reasonably protects against serious diseases” (what? That was very protective, wasn’t it?!)” and past infections as well, and where most people get no more than the upper respiratory complaints [geeft]You don’t have to.”

“Suppose at some point a new variant is introduced that is more troublesome and where you can do little with the previously configured immunity. [goed] If you are protected from a serious illness, you may still have to take measures at some point.”

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In short, although the coronavirus crisis appears to be past our backs, this is by no means the case. If they announce that there will be a “new dangerous variant” at the end of this year, it will start all over again.

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