Kra Dozaint returns to the US: ‘I’m lost some fun in the current context’ | Other sports

Kra Dozaint returns to the US: 'I'm lost some fun in the current context' |  Other sports

Swimmer Kra Dozaint is preparing for next June’s World and European Championships in the United States in Budapest (June 18-25) and Rome (August 11-17), respectively. The Dutch medalist will return to the University of Tennessee. He previously combined study and excellent sports there from May 2015 to December 2017.

The backstroke specialist, in consultation with national coach Mark Faber, chose to return to the United States on a temporary basis, where he will be mentored as a coach at the National Training Center in Slotterburg, Amsterdam.

,, Lost some fun in the current setting. Mark and I have had many conversations about this. In the end, I decided it would be nice to work in a different environment and with a different coach for a while, “said Dusaint.

National Coach Mark Faber: Crow and I came to this step on good advice. It is clear that Crow needs new stimuli to regain the joy of swimming. My expectation is that in Knoxville he will be able to work out his sporting ambitions with renewed energy. We have a good relationship, so he joins our team at the World Cup and European Championships, and then as usual I go with him during matches.

Crow Dozent. © ISL

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