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Metal Gear Online 2 (MGO2) that shipped with Metal Gear Solid 4 is back online after fans tweaked the game for server/controller handling instead of Konami, making the game playable again, all DLCs etc.

It can be played via SaveMGO for PS3 and via RPCS3 for PC (requires some tweaking to run optimally).
For the PS3 variant, you need a modified PS3 controller, CFW or HEN (just google it).

I played MGO2 a lot back in time and started back when the RPCS3 variant became available and even hosted two servers with 2 PS3s I had lying on. But just like that time, society is highly toxic and elitist.
Random server kicks (even I’m one of my own hosted servers) because it can’t level up otherwise, delays, DDOS attacks, you name it.

Officials are doing their best but mold is coming out from inside and unfortunately you can’t get rid of it.

MGO3 is like the game it shipped with, MGSV, just a sloppy game that wasn’t really that hard.
I know a lot of people can praise Part V, but if you put it under a magnifying glass, you can really see that it was an overly ambitious project and it really doesn’t excel anywhere.

MGS stacks:

Leader battles:
It has been completely replaced by the Skull Module and you can skip it. Boss fights were very creative for MGS. Psycho Mantis in MGS1, RAY’s battle atop Arsenal Gear in MGS2, Finale in MGS3 to name a few.

On-site purchases:
Almost all gear and weapons require a staff ration, proper layout, and good manufacturing practices. So you have to grind and then you can only apply it to get an S score on certain missions because only then is it realistically possible (no impact points excluded, just look for it ;) )
Previously you had to find most of your equipment in the field and then you could use it. This also ensures that the story progresses and makes backtracking fun again.

It’s worth noting that once you have more gear and weapons you can use them tactically and originally to make the game somewhat entertaining, but the fact that you first have to grind and replay endlessly makes it actually again irrelevant.

So I’m someone who has completed all the MGS games from the PS1 version with the highest rank, but that’s just a TPP routine that’s not a good thing to achieve. It takes a long time in my eyes.

– D’Stam Van Snick / Big Boss:
David Hayter, Nate Kiefer Sutherland. Enough said.

What bothered me the most about MGSV: TPP,
Open the world my ass!
Here is Afghanistan, but beyond the scattered outposts and the occasional small base, it’s all dead.
No life in sight, just a boring endless map with little to no happening. The same for Angola.

It’s bad enough that most missions get this guy out here, blast that install there, and your subsequent missions are reworks of previous ones but with added difficulty!

Well, the story has had some good moments here and there which are well put together and provided some serious depth, but are buried under what I mentioned above.

This same shit was also reflected in MGO3. Unoriginal and boring.

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