Knife attack on the perpetrator Gare du Nord, a Libyan expelled from France | Abroad

Knife attack on the perpetrator Gare du Nord, a Libyan expelled from France |  Abroad

A man who injured six people with a blunt object this morning in the Gare du Nord in Paris has been ordered to leave France last summer. This was reported by the French channel BFMTV. The attacker is a man in his twenties from Libya.

The knife attacker this morning at and near Paris Gare du Nord station was ordered to leave France last summer, but the deportation was not carried out. The unstable situation in Libya, among other things, makes it difficult to return citizens who reside illegally in another country to their countries of origin.

The police identified the man from his fingerprints. The Twenty had arrived in France three years earlier and was known to the police under various aliases for a number of offences, particularly theft.

between life and death

Al-Libi hit the station at approximately 06:45 this morning. He attacked someone just before they entered the station. Just inside and outside the station, he hit six people with a sharp object, probably some kind of screwdriver. Plainclothes officers – who were off duty and just wanted to catch the train home – and the Border Police stationed at the Gare du Nord, managed to beat him. Firearms were used.

The offender was hit three times by the officers and had to be taken to the hospital. According to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, he was “between life and death” this morning. The minister added that one of the victims was in worse condition than the other five.

The attacker’s motive is unknown.

busiest in the world

Minister Darmanin praised the “quick and courageous response” of the police and rushed to the station this morning to get a closer look. Police Chief Laurent Nunez and Mayor Anne Hidalgo were also present.

With 700,000 passengers per day, Gare du Nord is one of the busiest stations in the world. It serves, among other things, train connections with Amsterdam, Brussels, Lille, London and many other German cities. French media reported that trains were stopped for a short time during the accident.

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