KLM “The Greens”: meat disappears from the list of aircraft | Financial issues

KLM "The Greens": meat disappears from the list of aircraft |  Financial issues

The director says it’s not about cuts customer experience Kreiken boat from KLM. The airline is struggling financially as a result of the Corona crisis. KLM will also have a future as a “functional” division within KLM Air France. “Sustainability is an important topic. We are constantly researching trends in society and adjusting our menu development accordingly,” says Kreiken. “When deciding on the offer, freedom of choice for our customers is important and the meals must be tasty and of high quality.”

unmistakable trend

In economy class, meat is not actually served on flights to Europe, and this will be spread across the rest of the network in the coming years. “Almost no one noticed that we no longer serve meat on European flights. This is the next step, and it varies from region to region in the world. On flights from Texas or South America, meat may stay a little longer. But the trend is undeniable towards sustainability. “This is about making our show more environmentally friendly,” says Kreiken.

KLM will work on

KLM will “green” the onboard menus.

Meals are a big expense. In 2019, that is, before the Corona crisis, it was more than 200 million euros annually. KLM purchases meals from its catering company, KLM Catering Services. There, 55,000 meals are prepared daily for more than 350 intercontinental, European and cargo flights.

“Business opportunity”

In business class and the so-called premium comfort class, meat and fish will remain on the menu. If other airlines continue to serve meat, it could be a competitive disadvantage. Kreiken considers it a business opportunity. “We will continue to offer meat and fish options to our major customers. It has to be of organic origin and label quality. But in the long run, we will look at whether there are good alternatives or alternatives to this. We are looking at our total environmental footprint. So, in addition to the more economical aircraft There is also an eco-friendly menu.

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