KLM cancels US schedule – business trip

KLM schrapt in VS-rooster

KLM removes three links to the United States from the winter schedule as a result of strict rules enforced by the Netherlands. In contrast, borders are not yet open to non-US travelers.

KLM will operate flights to Orlando, Miami and Las Vegas from October 22, above other locations, but is now avoiding doing so. “The Dutch government has designated the United States as the most dangerous place in the Netherlands to isolate vaccinated passengers for another ten days,” the airline said in a statement.

The company strongly criticizes The Hawke’s actions: “The Dutch decision is a major step backwards for KLM. Health and the fight against Govt-19 are crucial, but the measures taken must be effective and proportionate.

In recent months, there has been a yellow code for the United States in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (nederlandwereldwijd.nl), but it has become very confusing. In Europe, if ‘yellow’ means back and forth transport is possible, the traveler can show a corona certificate (vaccine, negative test or immunity).

For the United States, ‘yellow’ refers to incoming passengers only. Since April 2020, the U.S. government has closed borders for all travelers without a US passport. It seemed that this summer it might change, but recently the administration of President Joe Biden has been quiet on the issue.

EU policy
The European Union (EU) has decided to tighten rules for the United States this week due to rising infections in the United States. As for the Dutch color code, it means ‘orange’, which comes into effect on September 6. Members of the European Union are free to implement these measures, but now it seems that all 27 member states will do so.

KLM will continue to fly to the United States, including New York and Los Angeles, but the planes will be more vacant than they already are. Thanks to freight, in the luggage compartment of a passenger plane, KLM can still provide somewhat lucrative services.

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