King Willem-Alexander jokes about Nokia Mark Rutte

King Willem-Alexander jokes about Nokia Mark Rutte

When Tim den Besten (35) announced his interview with King Willem-Alexander (55) in October, many people seemed to think it was a joke. Nothing could be further from the truth: the interview is real and has just been broadcast.

“I will call him …”

In the youth program timeland Presenter Tim den Besten has only one goal: he wants to found his country. Or rather: he wants to become the president of his country. Special laws, private money, special national anthem and special flag are on the wishlist. And who better to ask a tip from the “President” of our country, King Willem-Alexander?

Tim has the honor to interview our King at Huis ten Bosch, where Matisse van Neukirk interviewed Queen Maxima. It doesn’t just happen that the media takes a look inside the castle. under the guidance of King’s song The presenter entered the palace, where the king is already waiting for him.

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Tim is amazed at King Willem-Alexander’s study because that’s what he wants. Just where a picture of William of Orange hangs in the mansion, Tim prefers to get a picture of himself. The King can’t help but joke about Tim’s ridiculous plans to run his country: “I wish you good luck.”

King isn’t usually very vocal about his role as King, but he makes an exception to the youth program: “He’s so diverse and so fun. He’s never slow. It’s different every day.” He also mentions meeting different people, sporting events and offering support when necessary as beautiful parts of his work.

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After a few questions, it becomes clear to Tim that the king is in fact not the “head” of the Netherlands at all. “You are certainly not the boss,” explains Willem-Alexander. “The president is a people timeland“Tim does not know what he is hearing and interrupts the king several times. Perhaps I should disappoint you that if you have your own country, you are not in charge,” continues the king.

King Willem-Alexander describes his role as “a kind of judge who sees if what’s going on is going right” and then puts his signature on it. But who is the “President” of the Netherlands? The King explains that “the one who has executive power – also on behalf of all Dutch people – is the Prime Minister and the Ministers”.

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Tim would like to call the Prime Minister: “Do you know the people there?” King suggests that he can present it to Mark Rutte. “I’ll call him for a while…or actually text him on his old Nokia phone,” jokes Willem-Alexander, noting the fuss about Mark Rutte’s deleted text messages.

The king seemed to be able to laugh at the entire conversation. In the next episode, Tim starts a conversation with Mark Rutte. you look timeland Every Sunday at 19.20 in VPRO on NPO ZAPP and Here you can watch the first episode.

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