Kim Kötter gives an important update on Meli from Four Hands On One Belly

Kim Kötter gives an important update on Meli from Four Hands On One Belly

Millie already had two children when she found out she was a singer again. The suspicion of keeping the baby immediately disappears as soon as two twins appear growing in her womb. Kim tries to help the young mother as much as possible, because Millie is having a hard time. Not only were her sons born very early, but she also had no place for her growing family.

Fortunately, all the puzzle pieces fall into place during the shooting and Millie is assigned a new home. But since she has a lot of debt and is living on her student loan, there is no money to buy furniture or things for her newborn twins. So Kim decided to set up an action via Instagram and collect a lot of things with her followers.

But the well-known mother does not stop there: because Mielle is practically alone, it is impossible for her to finish her apprenticeship. Millie still has 200 hours of training to complete her degree and Kim is very happy to help with that. She’s also arranging an internship, but via Instagram Stories, she’s now letting you know that unfortunately Millie hasn’t graduated yet because she broke her arm last June. Because she broke her arm, she could not complete the training hours. But she can come back to finish it. Kim said next year.

Kim also has some fun news: Millie and boyfriend Jeronimo are back together! “It’s a little heavier now,” Kim says. “I think Ted’s age is tough. So they have Ted and these kids and a daughter. He has another son’s age Ted. And I just started school again. What house of power!

This is not the first time that Kim has participated Four hands on one stomach. This program does something for you. Don’t let it go,” she writes. Behind every story is another story. There’s no sense in judging. If we help each other out a little bit and give each other confidence, we’ll all grow.

Four hands on one stomach It can be watched every Tuesday at 8.25pm ​​on BNNVARA on NPO 3. Watch the episode of Meli over here Back.

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