Kim Jong Un: North Korea defeated the Corona virus

Kim Jong Un: North Korea defeated the Corona virus

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared victory over the Corona virus. He also announced the easing of the most stringent Corona measures, according to the official Central News Agency. These were introduced in May due to a major outbreak in the authoritarian-run country.

North Korea has not disclosed the total number of coronavirus infections, but it does share figures for “febrile patients”. In May that number was close to 400,000 a day.

WHO doubts

Last month, the country had already reported that the end of the outbreak was on the horizon. The World Health Organization and the World Health Organization have serious doubts about this. According to the United Nations, the situation with Corona worsened last month and did not improve.

According to Kim, 74 people have died from Corona. And he talks about an “unprecedented miracle” compared to the number of Corona deaths in other countries. According to experts, the true number of corona deaths in North Korea is likely to be much higher.

As far as is known, there is no corona vaccination program in North Korea. According to Kim, the virus has been contained by the lockdown, North Korean medicine and the “effective Korean socialist system”.

The Korean Central News Agency reported that despite the easing, the country should stick to the “strong iron barrier against the epidemic.” Most of the anti-coronavirus measures must remain in place until the end of the global pandemic.

South Korea publications

Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, also spoke about Corona, according to the state news agency. She said that the virus entered the country through leaflets distributed from the air by South Korea to the country.

She also said that Kim Jong Un had a “fever” herself. His sister said, according to the Central News Agency, “Although he was very ill, he could not rest for a moment. He had to protect people until the end of this war against the epidemic.”

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