Kids weren’t afraid of scary movies, until now. We knew that

Kids weren't afraid of scary movies, until now.  We knew that

I asked the children, who, after the light had gone on for a longer time, could no longer fall asleep: “Shall we watch a movie together?” Bok (11) and Ollie (8) nodded. I grabbed my phone, switched to my account and hung out with it Ghostbusters. Immediately I was overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia. I’ve watched the original movie a hundred times with my brothers. Maybe the new one was cool too.

I pressed He plays. We splurged on the Christmas holidays with no hassles Gremlins completely. I couldn’t remember how horrific this movie actually was – people being sawn apart, limbs being ripped off and all that. But the kids didn’t seem impressed.

Ghostbusters So I didn’t think it was a problem. Finally, have fun with the kids. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. The fact that the movie had an age warning of 12 and up made it even more exciting. I clapped my hands happily.

Sobbing under a blanket

Oddly enough, things went wrong in the opening scene, as there was nothing scary to see. No ghosts, no blood, no severed heads…just a bunch of suggestion. But Olle who Gremlins They sat in cold blood, crept up behind me: “Turn off that movie!!”

Dude, don’t act like that, I said, you can easily take this, there’s not even blood to see. But when he continued wailing, “Turn it off now, turn it off now,” and refused to get out from under the covers, I did as he asked. I sighed, switched to the children’s account, and quickly put my favorite at the moment: a partner.

“Mom, Dad, help me!” Olle cried from his bed a few hours later. He sprinted to our room, dove into our bed and fell asleep shivering, forgetting the nightmare that was haunting him. “No scary movies right now,” he muttered to anyone in particular, as everyone else was asleep.

I pulled Olle’s little, warm body against me. Tread his hair and soft cheeks. Then he kicked me out of my bed and I made my way to his bed, as there was no way he could sleep. His bed was very small. very Difficult. Very noisy, with a bock snoring over me.

A few hours later, the whole family woke up devastated. Me, because I was in a very small bed. Bok, because she woke up from a wild contortion. Olle, because ghosts kept haunting him, despite his overdose on children’s movies. Hubby, because he got kicked out of the big bed just like me.

get engaged a partner

No, nice try, but we still have to wait a while with the thrills and horrors. chip Ghostbusters It continued to boil and fester for several days. Unfortunately, nothing The Blair Witch ProjectAnd opinion or Exorcist for us. For now, we’re stuck a partner installed. Stupid monster.

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