Kia America helps more than 22,000 shelter animals find new homes

Kia America It announced this week that 22,422 shelter animals across the country have been placed in their forever homes thanks to the brand’s long-standing partnership. Pet Finder Foundation. Launched in February 2022 as part of Kia’s Super Bowl commercial starring “Robo Dog,” Kia’s $500,000 donation helped cover adoption costs.


“Kia’s commitment to helping more than 22,000 shelter animals find new homes is proof that initiatives like this work and improve local communities, in this case by alleviating the burden of overcrowding at local animal shelters across the country,” said Russell Wager, President, Marketing, Kia Americas.

First based on the brand, Kia developed a series of NFTs “Robo Dog,” the robot puppy and star of Kia’s Super Bowl spot For the all-electric Kia EV6. In addition to making 10,000 NFTs available for free, the brand released another 10,000 generateable NFTs. These unique designs are available for purchase, with 90 percent of all primary sales proceeds going to #thepetfinderfoundation to help animals in need find their homes. In addition, a 10 percent royalty was written into the smart contract on the blockchain, so whenever a RoboDog NFT from the series was resold on the participating secondary market, the Pet Finder Foundation benefited again. Sales of Kia’s NFTs resulted in an additional $100,000 donation to the Pet Finder Foundation.

“We are so proud to partner with Kia America. Their generous donation has helped countless animals find loving and forever homes by 2022,” said Tony Morgan, executive director of #thepetfinderfoundation.

Kia’s “Accelerate Good” philanthropic initiative has donated more than $14 million to various causes since 2019. Most recently, Kia announced a $1 million minimum donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, marking its third act of giving to St. Jude’s this year. Earlier donations to the organization were declared as part of it 10 million Kia cars sold In the US, again as part of a new announcement for a new assembly plant in Georgia.

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