Kees van der Sek reveals Addy’s mask from Fulletely End as a ‘cult leader’ | to watch

Kees van der Sek reveals Addy's mask from Fulletely End as a 'cult leader' |  to watch

Case van der Sek drew 432,000 viewers last night by revealing the mask of a man who was formerly the star of the TV show. All the way to the end. He travels to Portugal, where Ade has established a refuge for anti-government sister spirits.

Addie Van W and his family were previously followed by RTL 4 cameras hit All the way to the end, which showed how they built a new life, the stroopwafel trade, in Chile. Since then the family has taken a different turn. Ade purchased fifty hectares of land in the Portuguese interior to start a Christian “community” there.

He is a man, says van der Sek, who has “very radical ideas” and a movement that increasingly resembles a religious sect. He believes that the Earth is flat and that the government is working on diabolical plans for a new world order. He is looking for seventeen families who would like to buy a plot of land from him, so that they can start a “vigilant society” together.

Van der Spek speaks to the many victims who passed tons on to Addy so they could live that new life. People who quit their jobs, pulled their children out of school, and sold their homes. He calls for isolation from society. “Everything should have gone through him, he looked like a cult leader,” says one of the victims. Another: “presses you forcibly.”

At least seven families joined the project, but eventually left. But they don’t see their money coming back, as the plot of land has not been officially named in their name. One of them went to the boat for 16 thousand euros and the other for 65 thousand euros. One of the victims warned: “This has to stop, new families are still going there.”

Street poor

When confronted, Adi waves everything away. “They all wanted to adjust things according to our own contract, but that didn’t go well,” he says. And: If we had just let things fall apart, nobody would have gotten their money back and we would have been broke too.”

Van der Spek calculates that Addy has now raised over €350,000. Only two families still live in the “utopia”. The announcer says seven frustrated former residents have hired a Portuguese lawyer in an effort to get their money back. He can’t get over the mess Addie is making. “Suddenly very religious, and suddenly your daughter is baptized in the sea, and suddenly the satanic government, flat land. This sauce excites a lot of people and they are then emptied. It is very much like a charlatan.”

Many viewers were open to Tackling scammers on RTL5 according to reactions on social media. The program has become a popular topic on Twitter. Addy is called “crazy” and especially his comment that the Earth is flat, causes the necessary surprise. Others call it their “high night”.

With 432,000 viewers, van der Speck is not on the list of yesterday’s best-watched shows. The top 5 consists of Eight o’clock news (2 million viewers) Half of the past seven news (1.6 million) Six News (1.3 million), one day (1.2 million) and driving judge (1.1 million).

Addie and his family participated in the entire RTL program at the end of 2016.

Addie and his family participated in the entire RTL program at the end of 2016. © Olivier Tejsen

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