KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment will be released on February 28, 2024 – Computer – News

This is purely a matter of taste. One is not better than the other. It’s a matter of what you need. Personally, I think that all Linux desktops have advantages and disadvantages. I run different distros with different desktop environments, and I feel at home with all of them. However, one has a completely different approach than the other. While KDE and Xfce choose to leave as many settings as possible to the user, GNOME, for example, chooses just the opposite. I also choose my distro and desktop environment based on that need.

For example, GNOME (which I stayed away from until recently) is very useful if you don’t want to do a lot of tweaking, but want a modern desktop system without having to tweak a lot, which is excellent. If you want maximum control over every aspect of the behavior and appearance of your working environment, Xfce and the more customizable KDE are your choice.

I run KDE Neon on two computers, and there you can really go crazy with how things behave and look. Once you get to know it, you won’t want anything else. If you’re new, you’ll be surprised at the amount of settings you can make. It just depends on your preferences.

You won’t hear me complain. I also think KDE is great. It works well, looks beautiful and fits into the modern era. I always look with interest at the modifications and improvements they come up with. Nice to see.

KDE was installable on Windows. Don’t think that’s possible anymore these days? I remember it acting quite buggy under Windows. Which is unfortunate, because if KDE ran well under Linux/BSD/Unix, Windows (I think, and this is my personal opinion!) would run much better and make more sense (to me!) than it does now.

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