Katya for the second time in Hotter Than My Daughter: ‘Not by age’

Katya for the second time in Hotter Than My Daughter: 'Not by age'

Hotter than my daughter

Katja has pink hair, lots of sparkly T-shirts and very short shorts. Lola especially loves those shorts. She holds a pair of shorts and says, “You might be able to take them to the pool, but that’s it.” Her mother thinks everything is fine.

“I’m not just a follower, I do what I feel comfortable doing,” Katya says. Bridget Masland comes to the aid of the two, but is shocked when she is at the door. However, she sees possibilities in Katya’s fierce outfit. “But nice accents, though!”


Katya and Lola have just moved in and they are still working hard. Katya is very fond of pink and this is not only limited to her outfits. The walls also get this bright color. Lola is not a fan of her and reluctantly helps her mother. “I think pink is a really terrible color to wear around the house.”

In 2017, Katya and Lola also participated in the program. After the renovation, Katya could not keep up with her new appearance for a long time. “I wouldn’t walk down the street with this skirt. My old neighbor got it,” Katya admits. She threw her new style overboard within a month.


Although Lola is only 14 years old, she already has two tattoos. She has a small heart on her wrist with her mother full of tattoos herself. Bridget was stunned. “This heart because she left me for a while. This is just for both of us.”

After filing a report with Safe at Home, Lola was banished from the home for a few weeks. It was a difficult time for the two of them, as they only met on the weekends. “Everyone can call Safe at Home, whether it’s true or not,” Katya says. She was accused of neglecting her daughter. “Your heart was pulled, it really did so much for me.”

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Bridget can’t imagine that a neglected kid would give up his mom twice for the sake of the show. “She wants to give you a better life though, so she gives you that.”

Lola wants her mom to keep the new look for at least a year. As her mother agrees. “I still wanted to try and tweak it a bit, also because she is a teenager now. She suffers from it.”

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