Kanye West is back in the middle of the riots after wearing the ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt show

Kanye West is back in the middle of the riots after wearing the 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt show

Kanye West once again irritated quite a few people. At Paris Fashion Week, the controversial rapper and activist Candice Owens appeared at a fashion show for his own brand Yeezy in a black outfit that read, “Egg lives matter‘ was standing. The Black Lives Matter MovementThe movement is not served by this work at all and some notable personalities also speak.

West’s shirt appears to be a reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement that emerged in 2012 after a neighborhood watchman killed a 17-year-old black boy because he looked suspicious. In 2020, the movement is even bigger then George Floyd death, who was pressed to the ground by a policeman for so long that he died. People from all over the world gathered to demonstrate, including the Netherlands.

The models were also shown with White Lives Matter script at the Yeezy Fashion Show. Yeezy is an art collaboration between Kanye West and German brand Adidas. Jaden Smith, son of actress and singer Jada Pinkett Smith and actor and rapper Will Smith, among others, decided to walk out of the room.

Gabriella Kareva Johnson, a well-known editor at Vogue magazineHe described the West’s action as “dangerous” and “irresponsible”. In a series of messages, rapper Kareva insulted Johnson again. This was in response to model Gigi Hadid, who is friends with Vogue magazine-editor. She wrote, “I wish you had a percentage of her wits. You have no idea. You’re a bully and a joke.”

After all the hype, today West responded via Instagram Stories. He doesn’t seem to like the criticism. Everybody knows that black lives matter. scam It was,” he says, noting that the movement was a plan devised to separate people from one another. “Now it’s over. do not mention it.”

Black lives matter, how about that?
In recent years, the statement against “Black Lives Matter” has often been made. The people behind the Black Lives Matter movement didn’t choose to contradict, but they did want to address the problem that people of color specifically are more susceptible to racism and disproportionate police brutality. This statement does not mean that all other people are not important.

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