Justin Bieber Has a Paralyzed Face: What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome? † Currently

Justin Bieber Has a Paralyzed Face: What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?  † Currently

An eye that doesn’t blink and a corner of his mouth hanging out: Justin Bieber can only move his face halfway and has had to cancel some of his concerts. He said last week that the singer suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome. What exactly is this and does it have anything to do with Bieber’s previous diagnosis of Lyme?

Justin Bieber is completely unlucky: the singer has already struggled with Pfeiffer, suffered from Lyme disease, and now has to cancel at least part of his world tour due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome. He shared a video of himself on social media explaining what was going on, following particularly angry and disturbing messages when he canceled his concerts. And he made it very clear right away: it showed how half of his face simply did not work.

“I can’t smile on that side of my face, and that nostril can’t move, so it’s a complete paralysis on this side of my face,” the singer said. Performance is not an option for a while and Bieber will take it easy to make sure he recovers fully, as this is possible if you have this syndrome.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is an infection of the auditory nerve caused by a virus. This virus is also responsible for chickenpox and herpes zoster, for example. Facial paralysis is the most obvious consequence, but it also causes ear pain and temporary or permanent hearing loss. So it’s important for Bieber to take it easy: With an earache, singing isn’t really an option anyway.

The good news is that the syndrome clears up on its own in most patients. The disease can be treated with rest, possibly with pain relievers and exercise therapy. It may take some time, because with most patients to disappear Symptoms after five to twelve months.

Bieber, it was said, had been unlucky before. Thanks to Lyme disease and mononucleosis, he was regularly working in the dispensary. He said that in 2020 he announced that he suffers from and suffers from these two diseases: his skin, brain, functions and general bodily damage. Pfeiffer is caused by a viral illness and Lyme disease by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which you get after being bitten by an infected tick. The singer says he was well treated for Lyme and Pfeiffer’s disease, but his body took a huge hit.

After you catch chickenpox, the virus that causes Ramsay Hunt remains in your body It can flare up when your immune system is weakened. Fatigue can lead to this. Bieber has been working hard lately on preparations for his world tour, and fatigue is lurking, a doctor says VRT

The singer himself is an optimist and believes that everything will be fine. But he will have to postpone that world tour for a while. improve first.

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