January 27, 2023

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Judge Father Britney Spears suspends bankruptcy trustee

Judge Father Britney Spears suspends bankruptcy trustee

Britney Spears’ father is no longer the manager of the American singer. As expected, a judge suspended Jimmy Spears from guardianship, leaving him out of control over her finances, property, and many other aspects of her life after 13 years.

The judge described the current situation as untenable. “It represents a toxic environment, for which Jimmy Spears should be stopped.”

A judge will make a final decision on the artist’s supervision order on November 12. At present, guardianship is assumed by an accountant.


The 39-year-old singer has been a hit for nearly twenty years with hits like …baby againAnd Oh I did it again employment toxic. After she suffered a mental breakdown in 2008, her father was appointed as a supervisor.

She has been trying to end that guardianship for five years now. According to the singer, her father was controlling her life and forced her to perform in Las Vegas, among other things.

‘humiliating and suffocating’

In July, the omissions reported in a court hearing humiliating and suffocating. “What else do you call it when you detain someone against their will, and take all possessions, credit card, cash, phone, and passport, and lock them up to work for you?”

According to Britney Spears, her father enjoyed his power and became depressed by the situation. “I want my life back. It’s been this way for thirteen years now and that’s enough.”

Father’s statement

Earlier this month, Jamie Spears said he also wants to end his role as curator. In a court statement, he questioned whether it was still necessary to place his daughter under surveillance.

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In the hours leading up to the sentencing, Spears fans gathered in court. They sang her songs and chanted words like, “Hey, hey, he, he, guardianship must go!”