Johnson is once again trapped in a closed party: his fourth birthday with 30 men

Johnson is once again trapped in a closed party: his fourth birthday with 30 men

In the week when more will become clear about the ‘party gate’, the British media is once again reporting on a party for Prime Minister Johnson. During the first lockdown in the UK, he was said to have celebrated his birthday in Downing Street with thirty employees.

According to ITV News, a birthday cake and ‘picnic snacks’ were eaten in the cabinet room and the prime minister sang. At that time, mid-June 2020, indoor gatherings were banned. Companies were also not allowed to sing, as it would increase the chance of the spread of the Corona virus.

For Johnson, the party was a surprise organized by his wife. The meeting reportedly lasted half an hour. Later in the day, it was also said that relatives were at the official residence to celebrate Johnson’s birthday.

A spokesman for the prime minister told ITV news channel that a group of employees briefly gathered in the cabinet room after a meeting to congratulate the prime minister. “The prime minister hasn’t been there for ten minutes.” The speaker contrasts with having a party with family members. It was only possible to receive the family outside.

Research Report

Earlier there was already an uproar in the UK about Christmas drink and many parties in the garden Which Johnson and his comrades allegedly kept, against the rules of Corona. This has put Johnson under pressure, including within his Conservative Party. It will be released later this week Research Report At social gatherings in Downing Street during the pandemic.

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