John van den Heuvel on the quarrel with Peter R: “It was overtaken by a terrible event”

John van den Heuvel on the quarrel with Peter R: "It was overtaken by a terrible event"

In a special Jinek broadcast about Peter R. de Vries, crime reporter John Van den Heuvel spoke yesterday.

He had been friends with Peter R. de Vries for 30 years, but the two got into an argument when de Vries became the secret advisor to witness Nabil B. At the Marengo trial.

fierce whatsapp key

Van den Heuvel says this brawl led to a fierce exchange over WhatsApp. It didn’t go well and that’s very sad.”

Watch the excerpt here:

The last time van den Heuvel and de Vries saw each other was a week before the attack in the RTL Boulevard study. They didn’t even look at each other after that. “We always say at home: Never go into an argument, because you don’t know what could happen.”

Van den Heuvel finds it difficult that the quarrel now remains unspoken forever. “We are past the terrible event.”

“Still intense”

A week ago, the criminal journalist was back at work. “A cloud hangs over it,” says van den Heuvel. “The flashing is off. I hope it’s back.”

It was a very black summer and so he consciously sought shelter. “It’s still intense,” he says. “I can’t look at those pictures either.”

Watch the excerpt here:

Don’t live in fear

Van den Heuvel is already heavily insured and always will be. “You realize more what the risks are, you actually see what you took into account for yourself.”

Despite everything that happened, the crime reporter tries not to live in fear. “I have confidence in the people who care about my safety.”

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