“John de Mol was not expected of you!”

Jelle Bakker en Beau van Erven Dorens

Beau van Erven Dorens delivers a false underwater sting to former employer John de Mol. He did not expect John to properly resolve the Marble dispute with Gil Packer.


It is the inspiration for the John de Mol Marble Mania display YouTube channel From autism, an early generation. At first he was going to get a role on John’s SBS 6, but somewhere during the ride things went wrong between the two parties. My generation was so frustrated that I couldn’t even watch Marble Mania. “This is very painful.”

morally reprehensible

From ‘morally reprehensibleJohn has received a lot of criticism, also from Beau van Erven Dorens. Presented by my previous employer at the beginning of last year as a Coordinate By comparing images from Jelle’s YouTube channel and John’s TV.

Meanwhile, Gilly and John strike a deal with each other. Yesterday Jill sat at Bo’s table with his brother Dion. Where did things go wrong in the beginning between the two parties? Dion: “We wanted enough time to explore what that means for us. Who: Are we losing our freedom and creativity?”

beautiful necklace

Dion had doubts about working with John. “We actually wanted to let our YouTube channel run, so to speak and do what we love to do. We needed more time and we didn’t get it. (…) In the end, negotiations resumed and we now have a very nice positive contract.”

Poe: “I see we shouldn’t talk too long about it, because it’s all now, but at the time I thought it was very frustrating to see your idea on TV but have little to do with it. But now you. How are you involved?”

Dion: “We basically have an advisory role.”

financial benefit

Bo: “Do you participate financially in the success of the external sales of the program?”

Dion: “Well, we get a very smiley face when it’s sold to a new country again. Let’s keep it that way.”

Boo: “Okay guys, cheers, I’ll drink until then. John, cheers too, great, I didn’t expect you. ”

Then Bo, like accomplished squeezerTake a quick sip of water.

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