John Boyega is no longer mad about his Star Wars role: ‘The movie made me a man’ | Displays

John Boyega is no longer mad about his Star Wars role: 'The movie made me a man' |  Displays

Three years after he publicly criticized Disney and Lucasfilm for how he felt about his role in the latter star WarsThe trilogy was much smaller than the way Disney sold it, John Boyega looks at the situation with more optimism. In an interview with times The actor now says that period made him “a man.”

“Star Wars somehow made me a man,” he told the British newspaper. “Experiences, good times, good times, ugly times and bad times make you yourself as you navigate this business. It was definitely interesting anyway.”

Boyega debuted as the first black soldier in 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens He saw that his role in the next two parts is greatly diminished. According to the actor, his fellow whites got more time in front of the camera. “What I want to say to Disney is that they should not introduce and market black characters as more important to the franchise than they are, and then push them aside,” Boyega said in the 2020 edition of UK GQ. ,,It is not good. I say that very frankly.”

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The British-Nigerian actor hasn’t felt the support of the movie studios behind Star Wars before either. When fans of the franchise protested in 2014 after his casting as the first black soldier, the studios didn’t publicly defend him. When the same thing happened to Moses Ingram in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series last year, she was shielded by corporations. Boyega then indicated that she was happy to receive the support. “When I started, it wasn’t really a topic to talk about,” he said. “It was more like: Stay calm, you better not even start on this.”

He said on a radio program that Musa’s protection in retrospect benefited him. “To see others get accepted and the studios now saying ‘This isn’t an elephant in the room anymore, we can talk about it and support black actors’, that’s cool.”

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