February 4, 2023

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Jim Bakum and Bettina once again as Danny and Sandy in the musical Grease |  stars

Jim Bakum and Bettina once again as Danny and Sandy in the musical Grease | stars

Jim (34) and Bettina (43) met fifteen years ago when they were together in fat game. Not only did they fall for each other at the time, but then drove a car from the stage into the orchestra pit and sustained minor injuries. In 2011 they got married. “Grease is key to where we are today. It was the beginning of our lives together, and now we are a richer family,” says Bcom. “We rarely do anything together on a professional level, but of course we couldn’t let this memory pass us by. We can’t wait,” Holowerda adds.

Earlier this year, the music was announced fat Back next year. It is not yet known who will play the role of Danny and Sandy, but for the sake of taste, producer Albert Verlind has teased the actor couple. “I got them together in the musical work at the time, and the results were far-reaching. I’m not just talking about their infamous fall into the orchestra pit. They fell in love, got married and now have three beautiful children. A love story with a happy ending. I’m really glad they said yes. for this party. It’s so unique to see them again as Danny and Sandy.”

This news comes a day after the death of Olivia Newton-John was announced. I originally played the role of Sandy fat-Movie. According to a spokesperson, it is not yet clear whether her death will be commemorated during the Uitmarkt.