JerryRigEverything: The Pixel 7 Pro’s metallic camera strap scratches quickly and is fragile – tablets and phones -.

Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything claims that the Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone’s shiny metallic camera strip scratches quickly and is also relatively fragile. The metal beam is the main design change.

Nelson appears Everyday things can scratch the Pixel 7 Pro’s aluminum camera bar. This includes the coins that many people carry in their phone pockets. Nelson claims that a case that also protects the metal can help prevent this.

In addition, the frame becomes slack at the antenna line next to the camera strap. The phone does not break when you press the case from the back, but there is a gap in the antenna line and the adhesive around the screen seems to peel off a bit.

The metal camera bar is the major design change from last year’s Pixel 6, which has a glass camera bar that doesn’t extend to the side. Nelson concludes that this change is a step backwards from the previous version.

Google released Pixel 7 phones last month. This also happened for the first time in the Netherlands. Tweakers have already posted a file Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phone review. I already mentioned that camera tape causes dust to build up around that spot.

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