Jean de Hoop cries at the latest breakfast news: ‘Thank you everyone’ | stars

Jean de Hoop cries at the latest breakfast news: 'Thank you everyone' |  stars

On broadcast, De Hoop was the first to thank his husband Coen over the past decades. “The moment will come when I know,” de Hoop said before thanking some people. “To start with Quinn, my husband who supported me, the alarm went off too early for him too all those years. Soon he will be home with me waiting for Posey Paul.” His teammates can also count on a thank you from De Hoop. “But above all, the viewer.”

The presenter also joked about the fact that he broke down in tears. “This is worse than saying goodbye to Twain van Pepperstraten,” he joked, as his studio mates burst out laughing. “Have a nice day,” De Hoop concluded.

De Hoop, 67, made it for the last time on Thursday Breakfast news RTL, something he’s done for 33 years. Initially, the presenter was supposed to retire at the end of last year, but nevertheless remained for a few more months. D-Hope will be succeeded by Robbie Cameron, who previously NL version and the Half of the past seven news Filed for RTL.

Video: Jan de Hoop didn’t keep it dry during his latest RTL breakfast news. The text continues below the video.


After its last broadcast, Jean de Hoop Knight was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau. The 67-year-old made the morning news for the last time Thursday morning, which he has done for 33 years.

De Hoop received the scarf right after the last time Breakfast news RTL† “Unbelievable,” De Hoop said in front of the RTL Nieuws camera after receiving his award. “I will miss her very much here.”

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The broadcaster received the award from Ton Hurts, mayor of De Hoop’s hometown of Apeldoorn.

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