Japan’s new prime minister retains majority in parliament

Japan's new prime minister retains majority in parliament

Despite losing seats, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida retained a majority in Parliament. His Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) alone fills more than half of the House of Commons (465 seats) with at least 247 seats, and its coalition partner Komeito won 27 seats.

The party suffered some painful defeats in today’s elections. For example, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party Amari lost his constituency seat. He would still be able to take a seat in the House of Commons, because a portion of the seats would be distributed to each electoral list. However, he resigned his presidency NHK announcer reports.

The results of the other 40 seats are unknown. It is clear, however, that the Kishida coalition bloc won fewer than 305 seats in the previous elections. However, in response, the Prime Minister spoke of a mandate from the elector, in which his coalition retains the majority.

Kishida (64) is Less than a month in office He had called elections to secure his party’s position. The Liberal Democratic Party is under fire for its handling of the Corona crisis and for allowing the Olympic Games to continue last summer. This was also the reason for the resignation of Kishida’s unpopular predecessor, Yoshihide Suga.

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