Japan celebrates the anniversary of the surrender to World War II without apology and criticism of temple visit

Japan celebrates the anniversary of the surrender to World War II without apology and criticism of temple visit


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In commemoration of Japan’s surrender in World War II, 77 years ago, no apologies were made to the victims of Japanese aggression during the war.

In a sober ceremony, Prime Minister Kishida said Japan “will stick to the decision not to repeat the tragedy of war.”

In doing so, he followed the example of slain former leader Shinzo Abe, who stopped admitting Japanese war crimes or apologizing in his speeches on August 15, 2013. In doing so, he abolished a tradition that began in 1995.

Kishida’s speech was largely about damage to his land, such as the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the bloody fighting in Okinawa. He also said that the peace and prosperity of Japan was due to the suffering and sacrifices of those who died in the war.

in Unlike Abby His successor Kishida did not visit the Yasukuni Shrine where war victims are memorialized. This temple is controversial because in addition to the millions of victims, it commemorates fourteen convicted war criminals from World War II. Kishida sent religious decorations to the temple.

Three Japanese ministers visited the temple, a decision criticized by China and South Korea. “The Korean government urges the responsible Japanese people to confront history and show humble and honest thinking about the past,” a South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Chinese Foreign Affairs spokesman said words to this effect. He urged Japan to “think deeply about its history of aggression.” The spokesman urged Japan to “appropriately handle relevant issues with a sense of responsibility and win the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community through concrete actions.”

Indonesia demanded an apology

The celebration takes place this evening on August 15, 1945 in The Hague, commemorating all the victims of the Japanese occupation of the former Dutch East Indies. Yesterday Hans Möll, President of the Dutch Andean Federation (FIN) resigned out of dissatisfaction About the prominent role the Indonesian ambassador will play in the celebration. Lays a wreath after Prime Minister Rutte.

According to FIN, Indonesia must first apologize for “Indonesia’s involvement in bersiap”, the post-war period during which Indonesian freedom fighters fought for independence. According to FIN, “To this day Indonesia denies, minimizes or condones its role” and “Indonesian war criminals are honored as heroes every year in Indonesia”.

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