Japan and the United States fight TSMC together for 2nm chips

Japan and the United States fight TSMC together for 2nm chips

Reports say Japan and US are working together to balance the coming 2nm computer chip era Nikkei Asia to reportPrivate companies from both countries will jointly provide the knowledge required to manufacture advanced chips for a factory in Japan. Like TSMC, this partnership also wants to come with 2nm chips from 2025.

TSMC, on the other hand, now has the trump card because Taiwan seems to be ready before the next process. Japan and the United States will be able to produce the first 2nm chips between 2025 and 2027 (fiscal year). With partially funded cooperation by the Japanese government, the Asian country is trying to ensure the supply of semiconductors. Furthermore, it allows research and knowledge to be shared between the two countries.

On the other hand, accurate information about the parties involved is not yet available. There is speculation about the involvement of IBM, Intel and Samsung, but there is no definite reason for this. It is therefore questionable whether Japan can implement this plan in a relatively short period of time. The clock is ticking and TSMC says it is well on the table.

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