Jandino Asporaat becomes a father again: “I can’t believe it yet’

Jandino Asporaat becomes a father again: ``I can't believe it yet'

“We still can’t believe it. There’s just another baby Dino coming. How then, at least I know how, but how then… I must already laugh when I think about all those pranks from Amy and Elijah, so you already know that the third is going to “God help me,” Jandino writes with the image below.

Many famous Dutch people congratulate Jandino and his wife. Oooh so beautiful! Congratulations to the dear family! ‘ says Chantal Janzin. Monique Westenberg replies, “Ah what a gift! Congratulations and Edisila Rumbley can’t believe it: ‘What?’” am I missing something? when did this happen?! very funny! our end! Good luck, may God bless you!’

Jandino has yet to tell the baby’s gender, but the blue snippets about the family seem to be already cheating on him: a boy.

The scammer shared more good news with his followers this summer, as his movie rolls out in June Bon Penny: Goddesca at Da House The magic limit of 1.5 million viewers. Comedy was also earlier Bon Benny Holland (2015) in Bon Benny Holland 2 (2018) major cinematic successes. Both films were also awarded the Golden Calf Award, which is presented to the public every year at the Holland Film Festival.

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