Jan Rot shares his latest record: “It’s such a shame that I can’t keep writing for years” | stars

Jan Rot shares his latest record: "It's such a shame that I can't keep writing for years" |  stars

Yan tells the song with your nose How he searched for years for the rest of the text to follow the sentence “I only understood who my father was when my daughter was born.” “It’s a line I’ve had for a long time,” he writes, “along with what I think is a beautiful melody.”

Recently, the songwriter finished the lyrics. “I’m happy with it, because there aren’t a lot of family songs. Whoever has children knows what I’m talking about. With sentences like ‘My dad helped me when I was born, and I helped my dad when she died’, I find it very sad that I can’t keep writing for years. Because Even after your 60th birthday, there are so many beautiful new themes.”

special experiences

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Classical vocals describe Leonard Cohen as one of his most special experiences as a musician Thank God In a program Mattis continues, along with a hundred-piece gospel choir. “Beautifully photographed, it became one of my most talked about television appearances, albeit through Paul van Vliet’s passionate singing in the audience,” Jean recalls. The track on the farewell album is this recording from October 2021. “In March we were allowed to repeat it again at Matthijs at the Ziggo Dome, where I received a standing ovation from 15,000 people. Animated.”

The 64-year-old singer and guitarist announced at the beginning of April that he had canceled all shows he still had. Jan, who has metastatic colon cancer, has deteriorated to the point where he is no longer able to act. Share it on social media, he only has a few weeks to live.

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Jan Root’s digital brochure is here to find.

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