James Corden is retiring after eight years

James Corden is retiring after eight years
James Corden

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After eight years and nearly 1,200 broadcasts, James Corden has left The American The late show. The last broadcast of the late-night talk show aired last night. Corden quits to spend more time with his family.

In conversation with actress and presenter Drew Barrymore Corden said That his 11-year-old son, Max, made him realize he had to stop. When asked by his son why he works, Corden says his schedule requires him to. His son looked puzzled at what made Corden think. He concluded by saying, “I do not want to do this work at the expense of our children and my family.”

That’s why Corden is moving from Los Angeles to London with his wife, Julia Carey, and their three children, Max (11), Carey (8), and Charlotte (5). “I know this is the right choice,” he told Barrymore.


Corden pauses at the moment his friendly, enthusiastic image is cracked. In October, for example, he was fired from a New York restaurant for “not very nice” behavior with the staff.

Producer and director Craig Duncan too Disclosed against Corden. He described him as “the most difficult and unpleasant announcer” he had ever worked with, and hoped he would never have to work with him again. Duncan and Corden collaborated on the British sitcom a league of their own.

Singer Mel B, known from the Spice Girls, came up with the same story. she mentioned Corden is one of the most annoying celebrities I’ve met.

How did it start?

At the beginning of his career as a TV host, Cordon had not yet suffered from a damaged image, as he was an unknown Briton in the United States at the time. On March 23, 2015, the first broadcast of the talk show took place. Corden succeeded Craig Ferguson. At first, the Briton was skeptical: after all, he was little known and, moreover, had never hosted a talk show.

Corden, 44, is an actor and comedian by training. before becoming a presenter The late show Starting out, he had a guest role on the British show, among others Little Britain And he starred in the movie Into the forest. He played the lead role on Broadway One man, two Guvnors. This role earned him a Tony Award.

When he wanted to host a sitcom on the American television channel CBS in 2015, he was offered the role of the host The late show. The sitcom didn’t quite get there, but the show before did The late show not hit. In the part One From the new six-part documentary series about The late show He says he has nothing to lose and hopes to put a lot of creativity into it.

This is how Corden introduced himself on his first broadcast:

Finding guests was very difficult in the first week of the show. Because of Corden’s obscurity, celebrities weren’t excited to be guinea pigs. Eventually, actress Mila Kunis and actor Tom Hanks parted ways. They were the first guests on the programme.

Carpool Karaoke

Corden used his background as an actor and musical star to give substance to the show. Carpool Karaoke has been one of the biggest hits. He led famous artists around Los Angeles and sang their songs with them.

The first Carpool Karaoke aired early in the show’s first week, featuring singer Mariah Carey. Corden says that after many rejections, Mariah Carey was the first to get involved. Only during the recordings did he find out that she wanted to talk in the car, but she didn’t want to sing. To get her to sing, he would play her own songs. That’s how I was able to get her to sing and the idea was born to let celebrities sing their own songs in the car.

Many other celebrities followed after Carey, such as Adele, Céline Dion, Justin Bieber, and Stevie Wonder. Corden says in a recent conversation with Adele that the last guest stayed with him the most Another Carpool Karaoke.

Corden has finished his term The late show Ended up last night with singer Harry Styles and comedian Will Ferrell. In his closing address, Corden touched on the political divide in the United States. He reminded Americans that he grew up believing that America is about optimism and that people are still more alike than different. He concluded, “Seek light, joy.” He did not yet know what he would do next.

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