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The ceremony will begin at Westminster Abbey at noon. The ceremony consists of several stages, in which the king is first “presented” to the people. Then Charles takes the coronation oath, after which he is anointed with special oil in the third stage.

The ceremony concludes with the fourth stage, in which Charles and Camilla are already crowned. Then Charles placed more than 2 kilograms of St. Edward’s heavy crown. This crown is only used during coronation rituals. It has only been worn by six different heads of state in the past 360 years. King Charles becomes the seventh.

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Charles and Camilla return to Buckingham Palace around 2:00 p.m. During this trip, the public can catch a glimpse of the royal couple. At about 3:30 pm, they arrive at the palace, where they wave to the audience from the balcony. The so-called balcony scene has been a tradition since 1902.

Although the balcony scene is closed for Coronation Day, Coronation Weekend continues on Sunday and Monday. Then, among other things, traditional coronation lunches are served. Charles’s official lunch is vegetarian: quiche with beans and spinach. Elizabeth celebrated her coronation with the recipe that became famous as “Coronation Chicken”: a chicken curry sandwich.

And the official festivities will conclude on Monday – a public holiday for many Brits – with The Big Help Out. On that day, charities organize activities where people can help and do something for society.

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