#332 “I almost didn’t recognize you wearing the clothes.”

#332 “I almost didn't recognize you wearing the clothes.”

When Maud learned of the temporary costs at the wedding venue, she was shocked. They could never afford that, could they? Gio tells her that he still has money from the planned wedding to his girlfriend Leah who sadly passed away. After an emotional conversation about it, Tommy hung up. what is he doing now?

Well, Tommy called to ask if we were coming to celebrate Sinterklaas with them. “Wouldn’t it be nice to see Sinterklaas for the first time with these kids of ours?!” he said. I actually thought it was a funny idea, although I still think so embarrassed Being in the same house with my fiancé and my ex. But I love Charlie and I also love that Liam can crawl on the floor with Milo.

Tommy apologized for being late in asking questions. “But I suddenly thought: How nice would it be to have Maud and Gio there too?! We celebrate it with a big group of friends and make surprises. Are you participating? Then I’ll add you to the Lootje drawing. Everyone’s late, so don’t worry!”

no sooner said than done. Less than ten minutes later, Gio and I received an email to withdraw a ticket. Fortunately I drew Charlie: then I could at least start working on a surprise for someone I know. That evening I was already busy brainstorming a surprise. I wanted to do something with children, of course. Gio got a ticket from someone we’ve never heard of before: Bart.

And so we arrived at Tommy and Charlie’s door on Saturday. When Charlie opens the door, I feel a pang of jealousy run through my body. It looks great! It looks like all the pregnancy pounds have flown off, and she clearly got a haircut last week and is glowing. I instantly feel like a scarecrow with those five extra kilos still hanging around my belly from giving birth and growing months ago.

Children crawling around

I greet her without showing any feelings of jealousy and watch how Gio looks at her. Inside I breathe a sigh of relief: completely normal. Tommy also welcomes me warmly. When I walk into the living room, it’s very crowded. I think there were about six couples and four kids walking and crawling around. In the middle of the room are the surprises with trash bags on top of them and a baby fence around them. I put my bag next to him and headed into the kitchen to help Charlie, while Gio knelt with Liam over the gifts and looked at them. There’s a boy in the kitchen I’ve never seen before.

“So, wine or prosecco?!” Charlie says as she stands with two glasses in her hand. “Let me introduce you right away: This is Bart!” I shook his hand and took the prosecco from Charlie’s hand. He walks away into the living room, leaving me alone in the kitchen with Bart.

He leans towards me and whispers. “You look good, Maude. I almost didn’t recognize you dressed up.” She looked at him like she’d been stung by a wasp and completely choked on her first sip of prosecco. “What do you mean?!” I say in shock. But when Bart opens his mouth to answer, Geo enters…

Maude (24 years old) loves parties and travelling. She works in the editorial office of a magazine. Maud is in a relationship with Gio and has just given birth to their son, Liam. You can read about her adventures every week in a new episode of Maud’s Night Book.

#331 “I already feel like a bad wife and we’re not married yet!”

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