It is very important to clean the oven regularly

It is very important to clean the oven regularly

1. Harmful substances

You can make your food hot and oven cooked. But when food burns, harmful substances are released – especially Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsPolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This substance spreads through the air.

Also the fabric acrylamide When your food is heated up. This substance can be released when heated above 120 degrees.

These harmful substances are released from lumpy leftovers when the oven is reheated. This can end up in food through direct contact or as particulate matter.

2. Bacteria and fungi

In a dirty oven, mold can form spores that spread further. If you open the oven, these germs can end up elsewhere in the kitchen through the air. Additional disadvantage: The molds can handle heat well. So make sure your oven is clean when you use it.

Reduce health risks

Fortunately, the risks are still pretty bad, but it’s best to get as little exposure as possible to all the harmful substances from your oven. A clean oven contributes to a healthy kitchen – so you have as little chance as possible of ingesting nasty dust and mold.

If your oven is full of food scraps and covered bits, you’re going to have to clean the oven anyway. Read here how to do it!

advice: To keep the oven clean, it’s often best to put baking paper in it or put the food in large oven dishes.

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