Issa reflects on the loss of her twin sister, Emily, in Not To Get Small

Issa reflects on the loss of her twin sister, Emily, in Not To Get Small

On June 26, 2022, Emily passed away at the age of 11 from the consequences of a brain tumor. Paul visits the family in the final episode to remember the resilient little girl. The anchor talks to her twin sister, Isa, and she misses everything about Emily. “Her talk and fun. I thought that was great. Her humor, too. She was so funny.”

When Paul asked her what it was like to live without her sister, Jesus said that it couldn’t be put into words. “You can’t describe it. It’s that hard.” They have always done everything together. What you miss most is the time before bed. “We used to go every evening to wish each other good night and talk. I secretly play a game. I just miss it so much.”

Issa says she still finds it difficult to deal with the grief. “Sometimes I kick something or something. Or then I throw my pen out the window. I don’t know how to get my feelings out. Then I cry or I break things.” When the pain becomes too much for her, she often prefers to be alone. “Sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone and then I think: Everyone can go somewhere else.” However, she realizes that life goes on in the meantime. “Life just goes on.”

Viewers were impressed, but especially touched by the final episode. ‘what was Don’t be small A beautiful and beautiful portrait of a number of cheerful and strong heroes. With Paul Di Leo as presenter he did a great job,” one wrote on Twitter. Another viewer was even disappointed that the program was over. “Week after week with a lump in my throat, but also watched with a smile.” Viewers also wish the families lots of strength .

Watch the episode here behind.

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