Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gets a pacemaker amid the protests

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gets a pacemaker amid the protests
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to receive a pacemaker on Saturday night. He said this in a video message. “I feel fine, but I have to listen to my doctors,” said the Prime Minister.

The Israeli prime minister was also hospitalized at the end of last week. Then he became ill after he was admitted. This was then attributed to dehydration, but a heart monitor was placed. Now he has received a message from the heart monitor that he needs a pacemaker. This device can regulate his heart rate. He is expected to be released from hospital on Sunday afternoon.

Netanyahu is being treated while his country is in deep turmoil. On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people again took to the streets to protest against the government. They are angry about plans to reform the justice system. Changes made by the far-right government reduced the power of the Supreme Court and increased the power of politicians.

The new law is expected to be approved on Monday. At least until then, demonstrations will continue in Israel. The activists plan to spend the night in tents near Parliament. Tens to hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated every week since the reforms were announced in January. Opponents of the new legislation say Netanyahu and his coalition partners are undermining democracy and speak of a “coup”. The plans cause great division and resistance in Israel.

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