Israel claims demolition of Gaza media tower was used by Hamas to damage the ‘Iron Dome’

Light rays are seen as Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepts rockets fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military confirmed on Tuesday that the anti-Islamic movement (Hamas) was operating from the Al Yale tower, which houses its international media headquarters, and was shot dead by Israeli bombers in an attempt to disrupt anti-aircraft operations. Iron Dome ‘.

The Israeli security forces have claimed that the building, which was demolished during Operation Guardians of the Walls, was “used for intelligence by a terrorist organization called Hamas.”Including electronic interception activities “against the operational activities of the military and civil society in Israel”.

“One of the main objectives of these efforts is to create a system that will disrupt the ‘Iron Dome’ air defense system.”, He pointed out before noting that the purpose of the bombing was to “limit these enemy capabilities, including the destruction of special equipment.”

In this sense, he said, “equipment was in the building at the time of the explosion” and “designed to demolish the building to ensure the destruction of these special mechanisms.”

“The purpose was to give Hamas greater military value and to be recognized in addition to the strict military practices in accordance with international law.”, Argued after international criticism against the destruction of the offices of several media outlets, including the American company Associated Press And Qatar Television Network Al Jazeera.

“Considering the nature of the target, the military gave advance notice to the public inside the building before the bombing,” he stressed. “Significant efforts have been made to allow the public to evacuate the building,” he said, while highlighting that the process is “meticulous”.

Egyptian workers and machinery work to clear debris in Gaza after recent escalation of violence by Hamas
Egyptian workers and machinery work to clear debris in Gaza after recent escalation of violence by Hamas

“This event must be placed in context. Hamas is deliberately operating among Gaza’s civilians to disrupt military operations. The military will continue to maintain the security of Israeli civilians while doing everything possible to prevent harm to non-combatants. “, riveted.

For his part, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Glad Erdon met with delegates on Tuesday Associated Press He explained to executives that the building where they had their operations in Gaza in New York was being used by Hamas terrorists who tried to attack the ‘Iron Dome’.

“That’s why it gave priority to the military during last month’s operations.” Through his Twitter account, he noted the eleven days of conflict in the Gaza Strip, killing more than 250 Palestinians and twelve in Israel.

“Israel is no doubt aware that its staff knew that a secret Hamas unit was using the building in this way,” Erdogan said.

“Israel did everything possible to ensure that no staff or civilians were harmed during the operation. In contrast, Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization that deliberately places its terrorist machines in public areas, including buildings used by the international media.”, Has been argued.

Finally, Erton insisted on it “Israel places great emphasis on press freedom and strives to ensure the safety of journalists wherever they report.” “Israel is ready to help Andhra Rebuilding their offices and operations in Gaza “, riveted.

Yawd Mehdi, the owner of the Al Yale tower, filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in late May, describing it as “a war crime”, his lawyer Gilles Devers said, pointing out that Israel could not justify the presence of military motives on the site.

“We hear many times that this tower was destroyed because it was an anti-armed group or group. This is something we completely deny after reading this case,” Devers explained. “International law establishes that civilian property can only be damaged if it is used for military purposes,” he said.

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