Israel and the United States will investigate the Iranian regime for its attack on the Mercer Street merchant ship

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan greets Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lobit during a meeting in Rome, Italy on June 27, 2021 (File Photo / Reuters)

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Labid spoke with his US counterpart Anthony Blingen last night about the recent attack on a ship owned by an Israeli billionaire company in the Arabian Sea, for which he blamed Iran and demanded international condemnation. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Lapid discussed with Blingen “the attack on the ship in the Gulf of Oman, joint action against Iranian terrorism and the creation of an international and effective response against Tehran.”The report said.

As mentioned, this body Diplomatic channels were activated in “all relevant organizations” and in many countries to promote “international condemnation and response” against the tanker near Oman last Thursday. The ship, known as “Mercer Street”, is owned by Japan and is operated by Zodiac Maritime, an Israeli company owned by Israel’s Eel Offer.

Mercer Street Attack
Mercer Street Attack

State Department spokesman Netflix said in a statement: Both leaders have pledged to work with their partners to provide support and to consider the next steps to be taken in the framework of this incident.

The attack – carried out by drone – resulted in the deaths of two groups, a Romanian citizen and a British citizen, and directly accused Israel of occupying Iran.

The ship “Mercer Street” is Japanese but is managed by the Israeli Eile Offer (Ken Smith) Zodiac Maritime Company.

In view of this, the High Representative of Israeli Diplomacy expressed his condolences to his colleagues in the United Kingdom and Romania, and discussed the “threat posed by Iran, which continues to harm innocent civilians.”

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At the time of the attack on Thursday night, the ship was in the North Indian Ocean en route to the United Arab Emirates.

(Europa Press)
(Europa Press)

The incident caused fear among Israeli officials. According to the media, senior government officials and the security apparatus met urgently to discuss the issue, now condemning the scale of Iranian allegations in the Middle East and seeking to re-energize the West.

Israel views Tehran as its main adversary and existential threat in the region. Since the outbreak of armed conflict in Syria, it has periodically bombed the positions of Iranian or coalition militants supporting Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

Moreover, he vehemently opposes the 2015 nuclear deal between various powers and Tehran, which has proposed a return to the United States after former President Donald Trump stepped down in 2018.

If confirmed as an Iranian attack, it is one A new chapter in the animosity between Israel and Tehran In the region, they have intensified in recent months, with numerous attacks and vandalism against truckers recorded over the past two years.

However, it will be For the first time one of these attacks is fatal, Which may increase tension.

In Iran, a public television channel quoted “informed sources in the region” as saying: The attack was in response to a “recent Israeli attack on Syria.”, Without giving further details.

The Sea of ​​Oman is between Iran and Oman and it is The strategic watershed of Hormus, Through which it passes Most oil in the world There is also a US-led coalition.

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Ships traveling in the area were attacked by pirates a decade ago, But after the intensification of naval patrols in many countries, these incidents have been significantly reduced in recent years.

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