February 6, 2023

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Is my advance amount adjusted to the price cap or not?  |  energy crisis

Is my advance amount adjusted to the price cap or not? | energy crisis

The government decided to help consumers with higher energy prices. So, at the beginning of this year, a price cap came into effect, which means you’re paying a cap on the power rate. Does this mean the advance amount has now also been adjusted? Two experts explain how it works.

In the Ceiling price It is calculated at the rate of 1.45 euros per cubic meter of gas up to a consumption of 1200 cubic meters. For electricity, the limit is reduced to 0.40 euros per kWh and the maximum consumption is 2900 kWh. As depreciation goes up, you pay the higher current market price for the part you’re crossing the border.

Advance payment is not implemented everywhere

This new procedure ensures that we spend less on energy costs and that the advance amount (or installment amount) can be adjusted. But does that happen? In principle yes, says Joris Kerkhoff, energy expert at Independer. But not every energy supplier has already implemented this change. Some suppliers adjust it automatically, other suppliers suggest the advance amount and then you can adjust it yourself.”

In principle, energy suppliers are under no obligation to adjust the amount provided on the basis of a price ceiling. “On the government website, it just says that they should inform customers about this, and they do,” Kerkoff says. However, the purpose of a price cap is to have an effect on consumers. “That is why it is recommended that energy suppliers adjust the amount provided, otherwise the consumer will not benefit from it.”

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“The trend is that prices are going down, but it depends on the supplier and especially on the customer contract,” says Hans André de la Porte of Vereniging Eigen Huis. “Energy suppliers often inform their customers by email of the new monthly amount and it is also stated that the amount has been adjusted to energy caps and declining market rates.”

More clarity by the end of January at the latest

Is your advance amount not adjusted yet? Then contact your energy supplier, advises Kerkhoff. ,, But the central government has informed that suppliers have until the end of January to inform their customers. So it’s possible that you won’t get more help if you’re on the phone with them.”

The fact that not all energy suppliers have yet to implement the change in the amount provided, according to Kerkhov, is because they only had a short time to make the adjustments. “The final bylaw was only announced on December 12th. There was discussion until the last minute about whether or not this was going to go forward, but when it became final, organizations suddenly had to set up their entire department.”

Do not agree with your installment amount?

If you don’t agree with the amount your power supply is suggesting, you can always adjust it yourself. Kerkhoff: “Energy suppliers will often allow this up to 15 percent above or below the estimate they have. But in principle, your supplier knows better how far your advance can be lowered.”

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Kerkhove sees that consumers are increasingly aware of their energy consumption. “It’s also important to be in control. The better you can be with your consumption, the cheaper you will end up with. That way you’ll be better able to determine whether the amount offered actually fits your situation.”

Therefore, you don’t have to blindly agree to what your energy supplier has to offer, De la Porte agrees. Use useful tools to see how you fare with your consumption, such as apps that show you how you score compared to the average consumption of other types of households, or for your own use. And turn down the heater a bit and take a shower a little shorter, so you can also have a big impact on the price.”

monthly check

According to Kerkhof, suppliers still have a long way to go when it comes to informing their customers of a price cap. “For now, the focus is still on the amount upfront, but suppliers must also keep their customers informed on a monthly basis about depreciation against the price cap. If you exceed the price cap limit, you will have to pay for depreciation above the maximum price of the more expensive contract rates. I look forward to the first information in February, given the month of January.

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