Is it better to save or invest? Five questions about savings | Currently

Is it better to save or invest?  Five questions about savings |  Currently

Due to high rates of inflation, your savings currently equal less. Can you therefore invest better? And how much savings do we actually have on average? Financial coach Sabine Samsom and Nybod provide answers to five frequently asked questions about savings.

What is the return on savings?

Return on savings is primarily the interest you get from your bank on your savings. “In a lot of banks, it’s currently 0 percent,” Samsom says. “There are a few exceptions. For example, at Rabobank you get 0.01 percent and at LeasePlan 0.05 percent. And that’s on the savings you don’t lock in.”

“But then you may also have to pay capital gains tax on your savings and have to deal with inflation. If you want to calculate your actual return, you will have to calculate that. Then there is often little return right now.”

How do I get a greater return on my savings?

“You can make a higher return by securing your savings. You can withdraw a deposit. Then your savings are fixed for a certain period at a higher interest rate. The disadvantage is that you are less flexible, because you cannot use the money. Register. If your car breaks down, for example,” says Samsom, Also known as blogger Finance Queen.

“Another way is to open a savings account with a foreign bank. I have an account myself in a French bank, where I get 0.65 percent interest. Not much, but still more than 65 times in Rabobank. Certainly not recklessly. Check if it The deposit guarantee system is sound. This is how your money is secured in the event of a bank bankruptcy. It is also preferable to choose a bank in one of the Euro countries, otherwise you will have to deal with exchange rates if things go wrong and that can be harmful.”

How much savings can you make in 2022?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can have in a savings account. However, you can take into account certain thresholds, so as not to run into problems with wealth tax, benefits or allowances. The tax-free rate in 2022 per capita is €50,650. “If you have more wealth, you have to pay the wealth tax,” Samsom says. “For partners, that amount is double.”

If you receive social assistance benefits and live together or have children, your savings may not exceed 13,010 euros. “Otherwise your benefits will be cut off. Your children’s savings up to the age of 18 are also important.” For single people, the limit is 6,505 euros.

Even if you are receiving benefits, you shouldn’t have a lot of money in your savings account. The capital limit for the housing allowance is €31,747 for individuals and €63,494 for partners. The healthcare allowance is 120,020 euros for individuals and 151,767 euros for partners.

How much average savings does a Dutch person have?

Every year the CBS statistics bureau attempts to map the financial data of the Dutch. from last post dates It turns out that we have an average of 42,300 euros in savings. This is, of course, a distorted picture, because this figure is quickly pushed up by people with a lot of savings.

Therefore, it is better to look at the broker. This is the middle number. Thus, half of the Dutch have more savings and the other half have less than average savings. The average savings of the Dutch is 14,900 euros.

“With the current inflation, your savings will lose value faster. Then it is very important that you look at your finances.”

Sabine Samsoom, Financial Coach

Can I save or invest better with current inflation?

A Nibud spokesperson has always said that it is important for people to have a buffer that they can access right away buffer calculator People can tell the size of this buffer. Do you have extra money on your temporary stock? Then you can see if that can be used, for example, to pay off a mortgage, an investment, or a co-investment.”

Semsum agrees. “First look at your personal situation and desires. With the current inflation, your savings will lose value faster, and it is very important to look at your finances. If you have a long-term goal, I am definitely in favor of investing. Investing is not necessary ”It should be complicated and not You have to do it with a lot of money. It is important that you distribute your money well, otherwise you risk too much.”

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